About Us


Here today, in 2023, As the transition to the digital industry becomes crucial due to the 4th industrial revolution and the pandemic, To meet the high needs, intentions, and expectations, Transition to DX – Digital Transformation environment, which is the trend these days, Through establishing digital infrastructure and collaborating with the government (Korea Tourism Organization and Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism), We’ve created an online platform called, MediKiosk+.

The 'Wellness' Trend, a way of life that actively creates a healthy state, is spreading socially.
A noticeable change is that the help of (+) 'Digital' is grafted next to it. Wellness is a compound word that combines well-being, happiness, and fitness, and it refers to a state of health not only physically and mentally, but also socially. Digital wellness is a new health management concept in the digital age that combines science + medicine + IT to manage health and happiness based on data and is evaluated as 'Good Tech' !

In addition, the convergence of medical + wellness, that is, the word ‘Medi-Well’, which is a combination of medical and wellness, Medi-Well refers to a customized wellness program based on medical expertise. Following ‘Wellness’, I have to say that it is another “New Trend” !

H. R. Lee

Vision & Misson

Introducing MediKiosk+, our brand pursuit of < digital wellness + medi-well >. MediKiosk+ is available to people from all over the world, regardless of time and place, it is an online platform that was born based on the mission to help people find the best health check-up service that is perfect for people and that people need.

Now and in the future, we will strive to the best of our abilities to promote Korea's medical technology to the world.
We will do our best to make it happen !!!